The Broking Process

We are here to assist you in navigating through your own unique lending journey.

How does it work?

As accredited mortgage brokers, we have access to a panel of over 50 lenders which gives us access to a bucketload of lending products to offer you. We look at your individual circumstances, listen to what you want, and ask you questions about what your objectives are in obtaining a loan. We then present you with range of lending options to choose from that are suitable for your situation. Don’t worry if you don’t know where to start… we help you through each step, from start to finish, holding your hand through each stage of the application process.

The rumours are true, we don’t charge you for our services!

No, we don’t (and can’t) work for free… we get paid by the lenders. In return for taking your business to a particular lender, they say thanks by paying us a commission. We’ll tell you upfront how much each of the lenders pay us too. We have a legal obligation to ensure we are working in your best interests at all times, so you can be sure we’re working for you!

But remember – there are costs associated with various lending products, but these are charged by and payable direct to the lender.