Business & Commercial Loans Finance

We wish we could tell you that acquiring Business and/or Commercial Loan Finance is as easy as rubbing a lamp.  There is no genie to bring you your favourite packet of chocolate biscuits, nor is there a magic wand you can wave.  It doesn’t just happen overnight, and we can’t tell you that it will happen.

BUT, we will move mountains to find you a loan package that suits your needs, help you fill in the paperwork, and give you the plain and honest truth about your expectations for a Business or Commercial Loan.

Talk to us, at Evimero Finance, today, about Business and Commercial Loan Finance to help fund your next:

  • Business Start-up
  • New Business Acquisition / Expansion / Merger
  • Asset Purchase/Purchases, and/or
  • Equipment roll-out.

Once we have discussed where you’re at, we’ll assess the factual situation you’re in and calculate how big a loan you can likely afford (and potentially achieve), and put together a bucket load of spreadsheets and information to ensure that you understand what your obligations will be – for the likes of:

  • Establishment costs
  • Repayments
  • The loan’s duration
  • Overall debt and interest payable
  • What you will be committing as equity and/or capital to secure the required loan – and
  • The depths you’ll need to go to prove your net worth, your prospects as a business entity, and how many knives and forks it takes to feed a nation at any given time…

– and that’s only the tip of the iceberg.

Once we’ve helped you get through all of the financial ground-work, we’ll search for the best loan option for you.

“They were truly invested in the best customer outcome – couldn’t recommend more highly!”

At Evimero Finance

We’ll give you personalised answers, options and tips.

With the aid of our expertise

We’ll save you time
Guide you (step-by-step), and
Make sure you’re fully prepared & ready for the next exciting phase of your business lifecycle!

Coz that’s just what we do at Evimero Finance.