First Home Buyer Finance

Okay, you’ve made the decision to become a First Home Buyer. That’s a bit exciting. You’ve saved hard, you reckon you have enough in the bank to put down a deposit, you start house hunting, and then the reality sets in. You’re being asked all sorts of questions by everyone, the real estate agent is pushing you to sign up an offer, you’re juggling work and maybe a young family, and it all becomes a bit overwhelming. And then you’re hit with all sorts of terminology about buying, selling, legal who ha, cost factors to consider …… and that’s all before you have possibly done your homework to see what kind of money you might be able to borrow in the first place.


We’ve heard this story so many times at Evimero Finance.

After you’ve dabbled in a bit of Googling, you feel swamped with information overload, and none of it really makes a whole lotta sense.

Make a call to us at Evimero and we’ll relieve some of the stress, we’ll answer your questions, get to the bottom of where you’re currently at financially, and then do a work-up of what you can (or can’t) truly afford at this point in time.

Here’s a shortlist of some of the things we’ll be happy to help you navigate through and understand (the benefits and the pitfalls as they apply to you):

  • Should you buy an established home, or build?
  • Stamp Duty
  • What grants and discounts are available, and do they apply to you?
  • First Home Buyer Exemptions and Concessions, and how to qualify for them
  • What you have to prove to be eligible as a First Home Buyer
  • What do PPR, FHOG and LVR mean?
  • Some say buy off-the-plan and others recommend buying something built and registered. What does that mean?
  • Budgeting for the actual purchase of a first home – and calculating repayments
  • How to improve your potential to secure a loan in the first place
  • Who to turn to for legal, conveyancing and other professional advice
  • Calculating realistic allowances for renovations or changes to a home you might buy – and who to approach when the time comes
  • Knowing how to distinguish between a realistic purchase price that aligns with your budget, and factoring in the costs of Stamp Duty, the things that might go wrong, having to replace appliances, on-going home ownership costs, and a myriad of other things!
  • Calculating your Loan Repayment and Establishment Costs.

And once we’ve helped you do all of the sums to buy your ideal first home, we’ll set the wheels in motion and track down the best loan option for you.

At Evimero Finance

We’ll give you personalised answers, options and tips
to help you make the move to the next stage of your life.

With the aid of our expertise

We’ll save you time
Guide you (step-by-step), and
Hold your hand.

Coz that’s just what we do at Evimero Finance.

“Thank you for helping me, Christian. You took the stress out of what was an unknown situation for me by explaining clearly the steps I needed to take. Your patience, care and enthusiasm for my decisions was so appreciated. Your call on settlement day put a big smile on my dial! Thanks again. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend you, Dee, and the team at Evimero Finance to anyone looking for a loan.”