Investment Finance

Reaching a point in your life, where making personal, property or other types of investments becomes a realistic prospect, can be exciting – but it takes a calculated approach to actually make it happen.  Most likely you already have a family home (with or without a mortgage), other assets, maybe a business, and perhaps some other debts to repay.

Maybe you’d like advice about how to establish an Interest Only Loan and take advantage of negative gearing tax benefits.

Talk to us today about Investment Finance for the purchase of:

  • Residential Property – it could be a house and land, just land, or a designated rental property investment.  It may even be a home for your children – to encourage them to move out of your place, and/or
  • Shares or Managed Funds.

In achieving your dream of investing, any lender will require you to present a detailed outline of information, including (but not limited to):

  • What you owe
  • Who you owe it to
  • Your full credit history
  • Your taxable income (past, present and future projection)
  • Your living expenses
  • What kind of equity you have in your home, & more!

Basically everything, aside from how many breaths you take every day!

At Evimero Finance, we take your wishes to heart,
tell you where to start,
and ask all of the questions required.

Once we have all of the facts on the table, we can then assess whether you’re likely to qualify for Investment Finance in the first place.  That sounds harsh, but you’d be amazed at how just one thing could make your wishes crumble.  For example, one of our clients, Julia, owned her own home, had no debt, paid all of her bills on time, had a good sole trader business and an excellent credit history.  Her downfall in getting an investment loan was her business.  It was very profitable, but on paper Julia didn’t earn enough to satisfy the required lender criteria.  She was sure she would qualify, but at least, by allowing Evimero to prepare a detailed assessment of her situation, she now has the knowledge to go and make changes to her income stream (or change her approach) to make a successful bid for finance next time.

And asking for our assistance and advice is free.

In Julia’s case, we advised that applying for a Low Doc Loan was her only option.  Unsurprisingly, Julia wasn’t keen on paying the higher rates and hefty fees associated with that type of loan, but she now knows that self-employed applicants can provide alternative forms of income verification (such as BAS, Business Bank Statements and/or an accountant’s letter) – instead of relying on traditional tax returns and business financial records…

With the aid of our expertise

We’ll save you time
Guide you (step-by-step), and
Make sure you’re fully prepared & ready for (almost) anything!

Coz that’s just what we do at Evimero Finance.