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When you’re in a position to either potentially, or realistically, keep your first home as an investment, and purchase property number two as your next piece of paradise to live in, there are sums and some serious homework to be done, to ensure its viability.  We can help you with a personalised assessment and carry you all the way to the best possible lender.


There again, it might be a case where the kids are growing fast, and you’ve come to the realisation that your current home isn’t big enough anymore, or the kids have ditched you and are now living independent lives in homes of their own.  This also brings about some serious decision making.

It’s likely your head ends up full of questions!

For your ‘Next Home’, do you:

  1. Upsize for a bigger block and obviously a larger dwelling?
  2. Scout around at what the volume builders have to offer in a new suburb and buy off-the-plan?
  3. Downsize and move to a more swanky suburb?  OR
  4. Find the option to knockdown and rebuild on your current land appealing?

In any case, you might be in a position to buy your next dream home because your business life is booming, or you might need to consider a less expensive home to consolidate your finances and keep something aside for the retirement factor in the future.  Likewise, your current home might need a complete refurb/renovation, and demolishing it and starting over could be the way to travel.

Making the decision to do it through Evimero Finance is a very good place to start, because our service is totally personalised, at every step of the way.

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You’ll get sound assistance to work out what your options really are to obtain the best possible finance deal.

Your ‘next home’ choice is usually an exciting prospect – but (and there’s always a but) can you afford to pick the best available piece of real estate, or will the banks knock you back because you haven’t done your homework?  We’re experts when it comes to tracking and tracing loan rates, reading the fine print, and then relaying the information in plain English to our clients.  And they keep coming back to us because we don’t have affiliations with any one lender – WE WORK FOR YOU!

“Evimero went above and beyond to help us achieve our goal of getting a new house.  We cannot thank them enough.  Highly recommended – such beautiful people with hearts of gold!”

More things to think about

Are you selling your existing home in the process?

There are a lot of factors to nut through when you’re selling home number one, such as:

  • Will you really achieve the asking sale price that your Real Estate Agent has nominated?
  • Will your current home sell within a short time frame and release your capital to pick and choose where to live next (with confidence)?
  • Can you afford that big, beautiful house you’ve just found online?
  • Have you done all you can to pre-prepare your current home to maximise your sale price potential? And will you need extra finance to do some make-over works on that current home to sell it (on top of the new next home finance amount)?
  • What am I going to pay in real estate, transfer, conveyancing, and legal fees to sell my current home, and on the next one as well?
  • What if I need Bridging Finance because I sell quickly, but the settlement is longer than I wanted, and I need to pay for my next home (or lay down a deposit for its construction)?
Are you feeling bamboozled?
We don’t blame you – but that’s where we come in and answer all of your questions.

Call to us at Evimero and we’ll help you stress less!

Making Your Next Home Purchase & Finance Become Your Reality

We’ll soon get to the bottom of where you’re currently at financially, and then do a work-up of what you can (or can’t) truly afford at this point in time.

Then we’ll help you navigate any (or all) of the following elements that you might encounter along the way:

For example:

  • Should you buy an established home, or build?
  • Stamp Duty Costs
  • What grants, discounts or exemptions are available – that apply to your situation?
  • If so, how do I qualify for them?
  • What do you have to prove to the banks / lenders in terms of your income, assets, and ability to repay your next home loan and associated finance costs?
  • What do PPR (Principal Place of Residence) and LVR (Loan-to-Value Ratio) mean?
  • Some say buy off-the-plan and others recommend buying something built and registered.  What does that mean?  What are the pitfalls and benefits?
  • Budgeting for the actual purchase of your Next Home – and calculating repayments
  • How to improve your potential to secure a loan in the first place
  • Who to turn to for legal, conveyancing and other professional advice
  • Calculating realistic allowances for renovations or changes to a home you might buy (and/or the one you need to sell) – and who to approach when the time comes
  • Knowing how to distinguish between a realistic purchase price that aligns with your budget, and factoring in the costs of Stamp Duty, the things that might go wrong, having to replace appliances, on-going home ownership costs, and a myriad of other things, and /or
  • Calculating your Loan Repayment and Establishment Costs.

And once we’ve helped you do all of the sums to buy the next home of your dreams, we’ll set the wheels in motion and search out the best loan option for you.

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to help you make the move to the next stage of your life.

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Hold your hand.

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