Other Assets / Equipment Finance

When you’re in a position to purchase new assets or equipment, and you don’t have the required cash in your back pocket, there are many loan options to consider.

Finding the right type of lender, though, can be daunting.  At Evimero we know which rock to look under, how to pick the lemons from the limes, and decipher the best possible deal to suit you, your situation, and what you need – at good rates!

Talk to us, at Evimero Finance, today, about Asset / Equipment Finance to help fund your next:

  • Car / Vehicle Purchases – either new, second-hand, vintage or collectable
  • New Business or Farm Machinery
  • Printing Equipment, or
  • Industrial Fit-outs.

With the lending market and interest rates continually changing, our expert team will trudge through the trenches and help you secure the funds you need (that is, of course, if you qualify in the first place).

So, how do you qualify for Asset / Equipment Finance?

If the funds are for business purposes, and the loan will be under the business’s name, there will be financial records to produce, unless you can secure the loan under a personal name or guarantor.  What’s the difference, you may ask?  We can explain everything to you.  Either way, you will still need to show your capacity to repay the loan, show a current asset register, produce copious amounts of documented figures, and so on.  In some ways, you’ll feel like the lenders want you to virtually stand there in your underwear!  It’s kind of like that…  but don’t worry, we’ll hold up a blanket, protect you from becoming too over-exposed… and turn up the heat to fill in the forms correctly, for your best chance of attaining the funds you require.

Your potential lender will require you to present a detailed outline of information, including (but not limited to):

  • What you owe
  • Who you owe it to
  • Your full credit history
  • Your taxable income (past, present and future projection)
  • Your living and/or business expenses (as applicable), and/or
  • What kind of equity you have in your business, your home, & more!

Borrowing money is an ideal way to get ahead, and there are pitfalls and criteria hurdles to overcome.

Our team knows where to look, who to call, and how to recognise a good deal from a dodgy one.   And, if an Asset / Equipment Loan doesn’t align with your circumstances, there are probably other forms of financial assistance we can steer you towards… with full exposure of what you’re up for in the long run, advice about any tax concessions and depreciation benefits, and the speed with which the whole process can (realistically) be taken care of.

At Evimero Finance, we look at all of the variables, help you get all of your ducks in a row, and check all of the boxes to ensure your greatest chance of success.

Whilst we can’t guarantee your loan (because that all comes down to the lenders’ discretion), we can definitely show you the pathway to getting what you want.

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