Refinance Finance

We mostly find that there are a few prime categories of clients who come to us seeking to refinance a loan.
Potentially you might wish to:

  • Negotiate a new deal with your current lender
  • Find a new lender altogether
  • Borrow additional funds against the equity in your home at cheaper home loan rates, or
  • Splurge on something really special that will add value to your lifestyle.

For example:


You haven’t reviewed your loan interest rates for quite some time, and you’re really unsure that the deal you have is the best it can be.  It’s time to give us a call at Evimero Finance.  We’ll review your existing rates, trawl through all of the paperwork involved, and pretty soon you’ll have the problem solved.  Interest rates have become extremely competitive, and some lenders may be luring you in with refinance cashback offers…but you probably can’t fathom which offers are truly brilliant, as opposed to those that may be shady and too good to be true.  By working with us, there is no catch… you’ll get all of the answers you’re looking for from us.


Do you own a Heritage Home or a rundown wreck and want to renovate, extend, or knock it down and rebuild?  Maybe you have local council restrictions on what you can and can’t do on your land – either because your home is heritage protected, or there are imposed easements and issues with the type or size of house permitted – limiting your options.


A bit of extra cash can open up your options, and what better way to make it affordable, than by borrowing a bit extra by tacking the funds onto your mortgage.


Have you gotten yourself into a financial pickle, and need Refinance Finance to clear debts on credit cards, your current home, a business deal gone-wrong, or because someone in the family is terribly ill and the cost of medical treatment has to be met.

Whether your reasons for Refinance Finance are happy ones, or ones borne out of distress and hardship, Evimero Finance are your first port of call.  We talk in simple language, get to know who you are, what you need, why you need it, and then get on with the process of making it happen – if it is possible.

Evimero helped us refinance our mortgage, and whilst I thought we had a good deal beforehand, they found a better one!  We are very happy and absolutely recommend them to anyone!  You have nothing to lose.  Thanks Evimero.

You’re pretty sure you want to do it – so what comes next?

Firstly, we’ll ask you to specially explain why you need Refinance Finance. 

Your reasons might be one, or a combination, of the following:

  • Interest rates on your home loan have changed (whether they have risen or fallen) and you feel you can achieve a better Home Loan deal by shopping around
  • You’re currently on a Fixed Rate Loan, and feel that going Variable would be a better option (or you wish to change to a blend of Fixed and Variable)
  • You want to use the equity in your current home to prop up a business, start a new business venture, or manage an unexpected business loss
  • Buy a new car, or plant and equipment
  • Help your kids with a cash injection to use for whatever it is that they want or need
  • Splurge on a dream holiday, a collectable car, or maybe the odd Picasso painting (or two!)
  • Build an extension to your home, or complete major works (such as re-wiring, re-plumbing, re-roofing, re-stumping, etc.)
  • Add on a Granny Flat or Bed & Breakfast for an additional or alternative income stream
  • Extend your current home loan to consolidate debt
  • Shorten your home loan after coming into an inheritance, or due to some other profitable bonus
  • Landscape your land and it will cost bucket loads to do it properly, and / or
  • Remodel your current home to include a designated home office, so that working from home is easier – and deemed a tax-deductible asset
At Evimero Finance, we don’t ask you to pay us for our advice – it’s free.
We’re friendly and committed to helping people in everything we do.

Refinancing our mortgage through Dee and Christian at Evimero was a great decision.  We achieved a fantastic financial result for our family – thanks to their hard work and customer focused service, attending to every administrative detail and customer question promptly and with care.  We could not have been in better hands. Thanks Team Evimero.

Once we understand what you want to do, and why you want to do it, we will:

  • Guide you and show you what’s on offer from reputable lenders (at that point in time)
  • Let you know exactly how much you can borrow
  • Calculate what your repayments and interest rates will be
  • Inform you of loan establishment costs, associated fees and charges, and any other potential dues
  • Project or specify when you’ll get the cash, and
  • Present you with a summary of what your savings might be by doing a Refinance Finance deal in the longer term.

And, lastly, when all of the boxes above have been ticked, our team will get cracking to help you achieve a Refinancing deal, by doing all of the required leg work to track down the best loan option for you.

At Evimero Finance

We’ll give you personalised answers, options and tips
to help you make the move to the next stage of your life.

With the aid of our expertise

We’ll save you time
Guide you (step-by-step), and
Hold your hand.

Coz that’s just what we do at Evimero Finance.