Loan-Top Up Finance

You already have a loan on-the-go, but there’s wiggle room to borrow a bit extra and add it to your existing loan.  This is where we can enter the equation, do the sums, run you through the application process, and help you find the best lender and applicable rates.

Talk to us, at Evimero Finance, today, about Loan Top-up Finance to help fund your next:

  • Home Renovations / Home Improvements
  • Car / Vehicle Purchases
  • New Business Venture, or
  • Deposit for a New Property Purchase.

Our expert team will run the race with you and compile a detailed assessment to present to the most appropriate lender or group of lenders, so that we can then ascertain an opinion of whose option suits you best.

As with other types of loan applications, any lender will require you to present a detailed outline of information, including (but not limited to):

  • What you owe
  • Who you owe it to
  • Your full credit history
  • Your taxable income (past, present and future projection)
  • Your living expenses
  • What kind of equity you have in your home, & more!

Unfortunately, borrowing is a very picky process, but we know pretty much everything there is to know to navigate the fine print, what types of loans you could apply for (if this Top-up Loan isn’t right for you) and help you fill in the forms with the intention of getting the ball in the basket!

At Evimero Finance, we listen to what you need,
Get the ball rolling at great speed,
and ask all of the questions required.

Once we have all of the facts in place, we can then assess whether you’re likely to qualify for Loan Top-up Finance – and explain what comes next, with a step-by-step approach.

They’re amazing people at Evimero!  They’ll give you great service and financial products.”

And asking for our assistance and advice is free.

With the aid of our expertise

We’ll save you time
Hold your hand along the way, &
Make sure you’re fully prepared & ready for (almost) anything!

Coz that’s just what we do at Evimero Finance.